What is a sustainable business | Sustainability strategies for business


Sustainability is an important aspect for a safe future and healthy environment. Read what is a sustainable business and sustainability strategies for business is the demand of the hour and know its importance.


What is a sustainable business - Sustainability strategies for business


Are you curious to know that What is a sustainable business? Sustainability in business is the process of conserving natural resources and continuously working in the direction to safeguard our environment with the best practices possible. 

Statistics and research have stated that we are in an alarming situation now. Deforestation, pollution, global warming, and ozone depletion have resulted in the depletion of fossil fuels and natural resources and brought a major change in the temperature and weather on the planet. 


Sustainable Business strategies for a Better World


Sustainable Business strategies - Chalaang


As a business owner, it is your responsibility to practice proper sustainability strategies for business so that your business and production don't negatively affect the environment. And this is not sufficient; you must practice other techniques to keep our planet safe. Launch some programs to work towards a healthy and sustainable planet. 

Sustainable business means following and practicing strategies that do not negatively impact the environment. Science and technology have created various techniques to save time and money and keep the surroundings safe. 


Look why sustainability for business is important in today’s world


why sustainability for business is important


The need of the hour is the implementation of such strategies that will bring a positive change in the environment. Following are the key points mentioning why sustainability is important in business-


1.  80% of Consumers are cautious about a sustainable environment

Climate and the environment is a major issue these days. Consumers are now demanding environmentally friendly products. They are paying the premium as their first choice is a concern for planets nowadays.


2. Sustainable Businesses create Business Value

To prosper in the long run, businesses must be sustainable. The reason is that sustainable businesses are built to last and sustainability strategies are enacted to ensure long-term success. 


3. Sustainable Businesses Attract And Engage The Best Talent

41% of millennials prefer to work for an environmentally conscious company. Secondly, employee well-being is an important component of sustainable business models.


4. A Sustainable Business reduces Costs

The implementation of sustainability strategies by businesses has helped reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by over 33%.In addition to reducing costs, sustainability strategies can help businesses stay ahead of legislation demands.


How Sustainable Business leads your way to success?


How Sustainable Business leads your way to success


 “When the last tree is cut, and the last fish killed, the last river poisoned, then you will see that you can't eat money.”John May.

Money brings you fame and fulfills your needs and desires, but money cannot return you the Earth you lost long back. Day by day, we are getting close to the depletion of our planet, and the major reason is “WE ALL”.

Our need for resources is increasing, and the sources of those resources are exploited and decreasing. Now the question arises what can be done to restore our planet? 

We are a developing country, so it is our major responsibility to put forward a successful sustainable business model that shows the progress of our country with a green and healthy environment. 


Eco-Innovation: Examples of Sustainable Business Practices


Examples of Sustainable Business Practices


Now you might be thinking about how to develop sustainable practices in your business. Enlisted below are some examples of sustainability in business -

• Utilizing alternative power sources and accounting for carbon emissions to improve energy management efficiency

• Reducing GHG emissions, conserving water resources, and eliminating waste 

• Enabling sustainable consumption and protecting natural resources through dynamic and efficient supply chains

• external Meeting regulations and development goals while assessing risks and improving resilience.


Ather Energy is a startup founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013 in Bengaluru. The two friends thought of bringing a revolution in the Indian Automobile industry, and with this thought, they introduced electric scooters that are supported by AI and loT giving you an experience of ultimate smooth ride and amazing experience. These e-vehicles bought a big revolution in the Indian automobile industry, majorly by cutting down pollution rates in the country. 

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The bottom line says that sustainability in the business is the best practice that businesses should start practicing for the sake of profit for both their business and the planet. The mentors of Chalaang are always behind your back to guide you with the best for your business. Feel free to reach out. 


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