A Comprehensive guide to Leverage Social Media for Your Business Growth


Learn to Leverage Social Media for Your Business Growth and revamp your business with a more powerful identity.

guide to Leverage Social Media for Your Business Growth

Social media holds a very strong power when we talk about bringing the world together. Who thought that the world will evolve at a vast scale and from telephone we will switch to mobile phones and from letters and phone calls to Insta DM or What’s app messages. Everything is at an ease today!


The style of doing business has completely revamped in 2023. 20 Years back, when we thought about businesses the image that comes to our mind is setting up big machines, or opening a shop in the market, but the affiliate market took over it easily. Earlier newspapers,magazines, pamphlets and brochures were the source of advertisements and today, social media posts, google and facebook ads, e-brochures are ruling the industry. 


What do you mean by the term “Leverage social media”?


What do you mean by the term “Leverage social media”?


To make it easy for you to understand the concept of social media leveraging we’ve designed this complete article for you. 

Social media marketing includes interacting with customers and clients on numerous social media platforms. Brands can better reach their customers by utilizing social media sites. As a result, companies can engage their consumers, inform them, and be a part of the online conversation.


What is Social Media marketing and does my business need it?


What is Social Media marketing and does my business need it?


Marketing on social media ensures brand awareness, drives sales, increases traffic to websites, or promotes products or services using one or more social media platforms.


A company can use social media marketing strategies for its brand story, engage fans, and educate consumers about new products or industry trends through social media marketing. Using this type of word-of-mouth marketing also allows brands to engage audiences far more effectively than if they were only using brand-produced ads, such as online comments, product reviews, etc. 


More than half of the entire world's population. 3.96 billion people scroll feeds, shop online, and engage with their favourite content creators every day, spending more than 30 minutes each. 


So it’s a big yes, that using social media marketing for your business is a blessing. Your digital marketing ROI will be maximized when optimized content marketing is combined with a strategic social media approach.


Strategies to leverage social media for your business


Strategies to leverage social media for your business


1. Understand your Brand thoroughly

Advertising on social media is not an easy task, everyone is promoting their brands and business on social media platforms. Hence, you are already in a competitive world, therefore understand your brand and analyse it properly about the products, services you offer and how it is beneficial for the brand. 


2. Plan social media strategy properly

Creating a good and powerful social media profile is not easy. You need to plan things accordingly. Planning includes the color theme, tone of content, font styles, etc. Also, it is important to jot down things like Facebook ads, influencers, timing, and the number of monthly and daily posts. 


3. Post original and helpful content

Once people know our brand, don’t just go into selling and buying products. Rather post some informational sort of content or quirky and humorous related to your niche. People love watching this type of content as well. 


4. Post Quality content

It is the next important aspect of leveraging content on social media. People believe that posting too much content on social media will help them increase their reach, but that’s not true, it is all about the quality that you post on your social media handles. Making certain that your posts are personalised to your market and that each one gives a critical message or a unique display of something linked to that demographic will help you gain the most traction while also gaining more followers.


5. Go for trending topics

The ones who are actively using social media platforms, love to watch trending things- be it any meme, any song, a movie or any trailer of a series and even a fashion trend. Use hashtags to make your work easy and reach out to more target audiences. 


6. Video Marketing is the best option

95% of viewers remember information shared to them through video content rather than reading long paragraphs on post captions or posts. Give them something to watch that will both entertain them and educate them about your company or service.


7. Give a try for Social media paid Ads

After planning the strategy and content, it is important that your brand name and products reach out to the right people. For the same purpose, social media platforms have designed a special tool of paid advertisements so that the business owners can be more users of their targeted audience. 


8. Rewards and Giveaways increase engagement

Plan some contests and giveaways so that it keeps your audiences engaged with you and also your followers grow. 


9. Keep doing engagement activities with your connections 

It's just like a barter system. Give and take. Follow, like, and share the content of others as well so that in return you get the same. 


Social Media Can The Importance of Developing a Strong Brand Identity



Social media is not only a powerful weapon for building brands but growing businesses too. Once you know how to manage and plan strategies to build your brand on social media, then there’s no looking back. Especially when talking about thinners, using social media marketing strategies to grow their brand is very beneficial. Learn more about leveraging social media for business growth from the mentors and experts of Chalaang. 


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