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Lately, Prasad from Kolhapur in Maharashtra has been hearing a lot about a career in digital marketing. He also has some of his friends who’ve chosen to work as digital marketers and got jobs in local digital marketing agencies. However, he wonders why he must learn digital marketing in 2021 and in what way, apart from a routine job, can an online digital marketing course benefit him? Let us find out an answer to Prasad’s question.

6 Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing in 2021

  1. In-Demand Skill

The evolution of digital platforms into business playgrounds, and their ever-increasing use, have made digital marketing a crucial agenda for every company. Every company looks forward to leveraging the digital medium to augment outreach and bring new leads to the table. As a result, there’s a perennial demand for digital marketers across various business types, not just digital marketing companies or online marketing agencies.

  2. Ample Job Opportunities

Digital marketing courses comprise learning several technical topics. So, right from SEO to social media and content strategy, a digital marketer learns everything that the professional world expects from him. Accordingly, if you choose to work as a digital marketer, you can work as a social media strategist, content strategist, SEO expert, etc. In other words, you do not limit yourself to a particular role or department but can venture into multiple, based on your skills.

The collective result of which is that you qualify for the ample job opportunities available across the market. For instance, if you do not have enough or remunerative social media openings, and if you have SEO knowledge and skills, you can apply for SEO positions and start your career in SEO. Thus, you do not have to wait for a specific career opportunity in social media. If SEO interests you, and if you are qualified, you can apply.

  3. Quick Career Beginning

To work as a digital marketer, you do not have to pursue a year-long or a three-year regular degree course. If you have as much time and money to invest, you may do it. However, for people who cannot invest a year or two in education and need a quick career start to support their family, digital marketing serves as one of the best options. Based on the course you choose; you can start your career in digital marketing after a 6-months course.

  4. Excellent Career Growth

Digital marketing is a competitive career. However, since it is a performance-based and relatively young profession, you have superb career growth opportunities. Within a few years of your career, based on your performance, skills acquired with time, and your employer’s growth, you may qualify as a team leader, assistant manager, etc.

Additionally, you can also work as a digital marketer in the real-estate sector, advertising companies, and again, with time, experience and performance; you may grow to become the digital marketing head of a particular company.

  5. Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Digital marketing isn’t limited to jobs but provides an opportunity to become a digital marketing entrepreneur. One good thing about the profession is that it does not require a vast office setup or investment in the workforce. A laptop, an internet connection, and a smartphone, along with a few years of experience working as a digital marketer, suffice to start a digital marketing business from home.

However, as in the case of other professions, you require an entrepreneurial approach to ensure growth and not just sustenance. Additionally, it is a competitive profession. After a few years of working as a digital marketer, many people turn toward self-employment and start digital marketing agencies. So, with so much competition and players around, you need to develop your unique proposition and strategies to stand out from the crowd.

  6. You can Work from Anywhere

You can work as a digital marketer from practically anywhere in the world and for any company across the globe. The availability of video conferencing facilities enables you to save a lot otherwise spent on traveling. Besides, since you can do everything on the laptop, you can work from home and further develop a remote team as well. This benefit proves beneficial for the pandemic-ridden 2021, wherein travel restrictions and lockdowns continue to persist.

Additionally, digital marketing proves a sustainable career option amidst the pandemic as well. While many other professions experienced a slowdown and closures, the sudden growth in the use of social media platforms, a spike in eCommerce activities, and the dependence on online education provided an impetus to digital marketing.

However, it isn’t just the pandemic amidst which digital marketing is a sustainable career. Considering the enormous growth of digital marketing in the years to come, one can look at it as a long-term profession.

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