DJ career opportunities

Disc jockeys have been an integral part of the entertainment and events scene in Indian metros for the last few years. Naturally, several youngsters are pursuing DJing as a part-time as well as full-time job opportunity to earn money through their passion.

Over the last few years, many people have started choosing DJing as their career option. However, competition is predominant here and only those who are creative and have a unique way of producing quality gigs can stand out. Today, let us take a look at how you can find new and well-paying disc jockeying opportunities to further your career as a DJ.

8 Tips to Find the Best Disc Jockeying Opportunities

  • Build a Network

For being successful in any field,  you need to make and maintain relations with all the people around, especially with those who are related to your profession. A DJ must maintain good relations with clubs, pubs, music production companies, TV channels, fest organizers, event managers, fashion show organizers, etc., so that he can get new leads and opportunities to perform and display his skills.

  • Be Reliable, Professional, and Accountable

Be a man of your word; if you have promised something make sure you do it. In case you are not sure whether you can take up an offer, then you can always ask for time to before you make your decision.

In the worst case, if you realize you won’t be able to keep your commitment because of some other emergency, inform the host well in advance and make sure you provide a replacement who can work on your behalf. In short, ensure that your clients do not have to suffer because of your issues. It is very important to be reliable and professional in the gigs so that you do not miss out on future opportunities.

  • Promote Your Own Club Nights

Promotion is the need of the hour; promoting your own club nights can help you to build a brand name for yourself. These days, promotion on a large scale doesn’t mean that you need to pay a handsome amount of money. Get people to promote you on a personal level, such as their stories, posts, mouth publicity, etc. Even this can help you build an initial fan following and make others realize that your Djing skills are good.

  • Participate in DJ Swaps

Participating in special events like swap nights will help you reach a new, wider audience, and it will also help increase your goodwill. You might also encounter new potential customers, managers, members of the DJ forum, etc. If you perform well here, then it will help you to create your image as a versatile DJ who can successfully master any and every event.

  • Meet Promoters and Managers in Person

As mentioned earlier, maintaining relations with people who are related to your work will help you to increase your reach as well as help you find more opportunities. Meeting with promoters and managers in person instead of just sending them a text or email will be one of the reasons for them to remember you. Whenever there will be any requirement they will think of those people first whom they know personally and you will benefit from it.

  • Become a Recognized Producer

It is not just enough to mix tracks, once you start creating your own music you can make your sets sound unique, thereby increasing your brand value. Start producing your own albums. It will help you find your voice and create a distinct identity of your own.

  • Join DJing Groups and Cliques on Social Media

Joining others in your community will help you to get better with your skills and will also help you to get more opportunities. The feeling like there are people out there who are struggling like you will also give you an enormous amount of motivation. It will also keep you in the loop about leads and social events that can help you get more gigs and network better.

  • Learn to Say No

Maintain your own standards by choosing where to perform and how much to perform. Saying “no” doesn’t mean that you are rude but it tells that you have your own reputation to be maintained. Also, saying yes to every gig you get might make you feel overworked and stressed, which is not good as you set the tone for every party. Remember though, saying “no” in a polite way is a must.

No one in this world is born with knowledge and experience. So enrolling yourself in a good DJ course will serve well as an initial investment as well as a good source of learning the basics. A good course is a place where you can make your initial mistakes and learn from them.