Entrepreneurship ( उद्योजकता )

उद्योजकता : दुसरे मोठे ट्रेंड

“एका विचाराच्या उत्पत्तीसाठी, एका समस्येच्या निवारणासाठी, जग एक झेप घेत मोठ्या भविष्याची” तुम्हाला लक्षात असेल, असं एक जग होते जिथे “उद्योजकता” हे शब्द खूब कमी वापरले किव्हा ऐकले जायचे. बहुतांसाठी, हे खूब अनओडखी आणि आगळे वेगळे संदर्भ होते, एक कठीण शब्द ज्याचा अर्थ काही नाही […]

The Manifesto of Chalaang

The Manifesto of the Chalaang

Education is what someone tells you to do. Learning is what you do for yourself. The COVID-19 has led to the closure of schools around the globe. The number of children out of school worldwide exceeds 1.2 billion. Thus, educational practices have undergone significant changes, […]

Entrepreneurship ( उद्योजकता )

Entrepreneurship: The Next Big Trend

“For One Idea Born, For One Problem Solved, The World Takes A Leap Into A Bigger Future.” There was a world when Entrepreneurship was word less heard and even less seen. To many, it was a strange concept, a long word that either meant nothing […]


Rags to Riches: The Story Behind the Name

A good horse wins, a great horse tries the hardest. More than circumstances, it is endurance that changes the fate of any story. We all live in a world where people hear the stories of failure yet there are many who write their own lives […]