popular software and applications for djing

10 Most Popular Software and Apps for DJing

Technology constitutes an essential part of modern-day disc jockeying. So, if you wish to enter into the world of DJing, you must know the various DJing software and apps. Knowledge and developing expertise in using these software and apps can help you enhance your DJing […]

DJ mixing techniques

DJ Mixing Techniques – How to Mix Like a Pro

Though it may sound unconventional, being a Radio DJ, an in-house DJ for an establishment, or being an independent DJ is a well-paying career option. From afar, being a DJ may seem like all fun and games, wearing earphones and jamming your favorite tunes, but […]

DJing equipment

Can You Learn DJing Online?

Ajay from Akola wants to learn DJing and become a DJ. However, given the pandemic classrooms have shut down ,traveling to the big cities won’t be of any use. Hence, he wants to know if he can learn DJing online. Accordingly, here’s a blog that […]