how to become an entrepreneur

After a few years of employment, Raigad-based Prashant has now decided to become an entrepreneur. All along, the prevailing circumstances didn’t allow him to become one. But, now that he has enough to survive for the next few years. Prashant looks forward to starting a low-investment business. He is exploring various small scale business options in Maharashtra, and this is what he found.

10 Small scale Business Options for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Maharashtra

Regardless of your reason to become an entrepreneur, if you are searching for small-scale business ideas in Maharashtra, here are 10 to help you kick start your entrepreneurial venture.

  1. Career Counseling

If you think you have enough professional experience, excellent communication skills, and are willing to help people find the right career option, career counseling can form a great business idea. Initially, you may begin counseling from home, online, or visiting the person’s home. Later, you may invest in psychometric tests, office space, etc.

  1. Translation Services

The growing significance of regional languages across the business world makes translation services an excellent business to start with. However, to begin a translation service, you must be fluent in a particular language. You will have to develop the required proficiency level through a language course, a laptop, and an internet connection. Once you have all of it, you can start with smaller projects and then graduate to the larger ones.

  1. Recruitment Services

Despite fierce competition, as a business, hiring services still form a great option. Initially, you don’t necessarily need an office. You can begin as a freelancing hiring service provider, coordinate with companies and candidates, help companies onboard candidates, and earn hiring commissions from the companies. This business requires you to develop excellent networking skills and traveling for site visits, onsite coordination, etc.

  1. Catering Services

Catering services is another excellent business idea. A lot of people during the pandemic took up home-based catering as a business. You, too, can start with packing tiffin for lunch and dinner. Later, you can increase the number of delicacies, based on your profits. Furthermore, you can venture into professional event catering, depending on how you fare in the business and the profits you make.

  1. Real-estate Brokering Services

Maharashtra is industrially one of the most prosperous states in India. Besides, residential and commercial development across various cities, including Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Nagpur, and many tier 2 and tier 3, makes real estate agency a lucrative business idea. People who’ve worked as real estate professionals can leverage their network to start their real estate agency and earn sizable commissions.

  1. Textile Business

Weaving enjoys a rich legacy across the cultural horizon of Maharashtra. Hence, the textile business in Maharashtra certainly forms a profitable business option. If you’ve been in the textile business, possess knowledge about the textile market, and have weaving, knitting, crocheting, etc., you can begin your small scale textile business in Maharashtra. You may start with smaller orders and then expand to build a team of artisans.

  1. Agro-based Business

Maharashtra has been an agrarian state for centuries, and even today, agriculture constitutes a significant part of the state’s economy. Accordingly, one of the new-age small scale business ideas in Maharashtra is to start an organic fruit and vegetable store or start an agro-based franchise. It requires some monetary investment and a prominently located office space. Alongside, it also demands networking and local marketing to sell the products.

  1. Online Dance and Music Academy

If you have dancing or music skills and can teach them, why not start an online dance and music academy? To do so, you must decide the target age group, prepare the course content accordingly, and begin marketing within your network. Online dance and music academy is a great business idea, as nowadays, parents want children to learn something new, and the older ones want to invest time in hobbies to keep stress away.

  1. Online Personality Development Training

If you are a confident trainer and have a comprehensive understanding of personality development, you can develop online personality development modules for people from various age groups in multiple languages, including Marathi, Hindi, and English. Additionally, you can conduct online language training courses, online soft skills courses, etc., to develop a broader training portfolio and generate income from multiple sources.

  1. Business Consulting Services

With so many entrepreneurs emerging, Maharashtra is gradually evolving to be the new land of entrepreneurs. If you have enough professional experience by your side and have contributed to business growth, albeit as an employee, you can start as a business consultant to help your businesses in Maharashtra grow. Initially, you can work as a freelancing consultant and then look forward to business expansion.

I hope these ten small scale business ideas in Maharashtra help you. Working as an entrepreneur involves several challenges that require you to develop entrepreneurial skills and approaches. However, entrepreneurship also brings a lot of opportunities, of which you must stay mindful and ensure you tap them at the right time and appropriately. Pursuing online entrepreneurship courses can help you in this regard.