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The more you learn, the better it is, but the broader it gets! Yes. The stock market is an extensive area of study, and to become an absolute expert, requires you to trade or invest for years and across diverse investment instruments. However, if you’ve learned the basics of the stock market, mastered them, and are now looking forward to studying the advanced aspects, studying these topics can help you embark on the path to becoming a stock market expert.

10 Topics that can Turn You into a Stock Market Expert

As indicated earlier, practically, stock market learning constitutes a limitless horizon. But the way learning some topics helps you become a beginner from an aspirant, learning these ten can help build the foundation to become a stock market expert. Accordingly, let us look at the rough topic outline of a basic to advanced stock market course. Although yes, you must note that the curriculum may vary from institute to institute.

  1. Introduction to Derivatives Market

  • Concept of derivatives market
  • Detailed learning about financial contracts in derivatives (Forward and futures, swaps, options)
  • Participants of the derivatives market
  • Risks involved in the derivatives market
  • Reasons to trade in the derivatives market, etc.

  2. Difference Between Equity-Futures-Options

  • Explanation of the difference between equity, futures and options
  • Learning how to trade in equity, futures, and options
  • Tips, and strategies to trade in equity, futures and options effectively

  3. Mechanism of Futures and Options

  • Detailed learning of futures and options
  • Participants of futures and options contracts
  • How do futures and options contracts work

  4. Option Mechanism

  • Detailed explanation of the mechanism of the options contract
  • Call and put options
  • Study of real-world examples of options contract

  5. Option Greeks

  • What are Option Greeks?
  • Practical learning of different types of Greeks – Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho

  6. Factors Affecting an Option Premium

  • Understanding various factors affecting an option premium, including
  • Options Strike Price
  • Time to Expiration
  • Underlying Security Price
  • Volatility (Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility)
  • Dividends
  • Interest Rate

  7. Option Strategies

  • Learning various option strategies that include,
  • Covered Call
  • Bull Call Spread
  • Married Put
  • Protective Collar
  • Bear Put Spread
  • Long Strangle
  • Long Straddle
  • Long Call Butterfly Spread
  • Iron Butterfly
  • Iron Condor

  8. Commodity Derivative Market – Introduction

  • Meaning of commodity derivatives market
  • The need for commodity derivatives market
  • Features of the commodity derivatives market
  • Advantages and disadvantages of commodity derivatives market
  • Commodity derivatives contract
  • Types of derivatives contracts
  • Trading mechanism
  • Settlement

  9. Currency Derivatives Market – Introduction

  • Concept of currency derivatives market
  • Features of the currency derivatives market
  • Pros and cons of the currency derivatives market
  • How does the currency derivatives market work?

  10. Applications of the Derivatives Market

  • What are derivatives
  • Derivatives market in India
  • Types of derivatives markets
  • Features of the derivatives market
  • Functions of the derivatives market
  • Trading in the derivatives market, etc.

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