share market classes for beginners

Learning the basics of stock market is vital to critically analyze any stock and make informed decisions while trading on the share market. However, the stock market is a vast space comprising several investment instruments and several complex factors associated with them. Thus, share market classes for beginners offer modules that offer knowledge about various essential stock market topics, which helps aspirants venture into the stock market confidently.

So, right from the introduction to research and various financial instruments, these modules acquaint you with several significant aspects of the stock market, thus preparing you for your stock market journey. Accordingly, let us enlist ten modules generally taught in various stock market classes and the basic stock market topics that they cover.

10 Stock Market Modules and the Topics they Cover

As mentioned earlier, below is a general list of the modules and the related topics that a lot of share market classes cover. The course curriculum may vary from institute to institute. Hence, you must look for courses with modules covering as many essential topics as possible to ensure comprehensive learning. Also, some topics are suited to intermediate learning, and hence they must be taken up after you feel confident in the basic ones.

  1. Share Market Introduction

  • What is the share market?
  • What are NIFTY and NSE?
  • How to invest in the share market?
  • What are the various types of stocks?
  • What are shares and what is equity?
  • What are small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap stocks?
  • Basics of the Indian stock market
  • What are SENSEX and BSE?

  2. Demat Account

  • What is a Demat account?
  • How to open a Demat account?
  • What are the documents needed to open a Demat account
  • Is opening a Demat account free?
  • Significance of opening a Demat account
  • Dematerialization

  3. Share Market Research

  • How to do technical and fundamental analysis of stocks?
  • Various technical and fundamental analysis tools
  • Difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis

  4. Online Share Trading

  • What do you mean by shares online trading?
  • Online share trading tips
  • How to begin online trading?
  • How does online share trading work?

It can also involve learning stock market aspects such as,

  • Market order
  • Stop loss
  • Margin call
  • Market order
  • Swing trading
  • Trailing stop loss, etc.

  5. Derivatives Trading (Generally a part of intermediate learning)

  • What is derivatives trading?
  • Why are derivatives significant?
  • What are the various types of derivatives
  • Options trading
  • Futures trading
  • Call and Put option
  • Margin trading
  • Put Call ratio
  • Futures vs options trading

  6. Intraday Trading

  • What is intraday trading?
  • How does intraday trading work?
  • Is it safe to do intraday trading?
  • How to learn intraday trading?
  • Intraday trading rules, strategies, tips and tricks
  • Intraday trading tools, and charts

  7. IPO Investments

  • What are IPOs
  • IPO working and process
  • IPO valuation
  • IPO allotment
  • IPO reviews
  • IPO short selling
  • How to invest in an IPO, etc.

  8. Commodity Trading

  • How commodity trading works?
  • Basics of commodity trading
  • Commodities for trading
  • Basics of commodity futures trading
  • How to start commodity trading?
  • How to open a commodity trading account?
  • Commodity trading tips, and trips
  • Commodity trading apps, platforms and tools

  9. Currency Trading

  • What is currency trading?
  • How to start currency trading?
  • Basics of currency trading
  • Currency trading tips, tricks and strategies
  • Is it profitable to trade in currencies
  • Best currency trading platforms

  10. Opt

ions Trading (Generally a part of intermediate or advanced learning)

  • Long put
  • Short put
  • Covered put
  • Covered call
  • Long strangle
  • Short strangle
  • Short box
  • Short straddle
  • Long straddle, etc.

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So, as an aspirant looking forward to being a part of the stock market space and building wealth through trading and investing, enroll in Chalaang’s online share market classes for beginners.