Seven Leadership Lessons to learn from Hansa from Khichdi

Hello! How are? Ye blog padke jana. This dialogue is from a very famous serial called Khichdi and was said by none other than the lead character- Hansa. Apart from playing the most entertaining role, Hansa is also a female icon in many ways. Let us discuss the top 7 reasons why Hansa is a real female icon to give you entrepreneurship leadership lessons:

  1. Knows the Art of Self Love: No matter what the world says, loving and believing in oneself is the most important aspect of having a confident personality. Hansa believes and loves herself. Be like Hansa.


    “Main toh Hamesha Bestum Best hi Dikhti hu”

  2. Always Gives Importance to Me-Time: A female plays many roles in her lifetime. Since ancient times females have been considered as the “Tyaag ki murti” but, no more! Hansa has taught us how important it is for every female to get some Me-Time.entrepreneurship

    “Main toh thak gai Bhaisahab”

  3. Not Afraid to Call Out Any Wrongdoings: Standing up for something that is right is the most important trait of being a female icon. Hansa was adamant on calling out anybody’s bullshit and always stood up for what was right.leadership-lessons

    “Aae Chal Chal Kuch Bhi Mat Bol!”

  4. Does Not Give In to Patriarchal Mindset: Since ages, India has been the country ruled by patriarchy. No matter which field, male ego has always been suppressing females. No more! Hansa has come to the rescue with her iconic way of tackling dominating male society.women-entrepreneur

    “Hey Bhagwan! Ye Babuji Ko Toh Kuch Bhi Nahi Aata”

  5. Believes in Delegating Household Responsibilities: Being a housemaker is a full time job and tougher than any other job in this world. Other than having innumerable responsibilities, a housemaker also has to take care of each family member’s preferences. In such times, today’s modern Naari must delegate household responsibilities to other members of the family as well, just like Hansa.entrepreneurship

    “Chal Chal Himanshu, Jaldi Jaldi Khana Bana 

    Aur Babuji Aap Sabzi Kaat Dijiye”

  6. Believes in Empowering other Women: Feminine society can only be prominent in the society when females support each other. Just like Hansa who always believed in Jayshree’s potential and motivated her towards becoming her best self.entrepreneurship-lessons“Very Goods Jayshree! Prouds of You.”
  7. Supports her partner:  Be it getting a query answered or standing against the world just to support your partner, Hansa ben did it all with ultimate swag. If life throws lemons, she knows how to make lemonade and enjoy it with Praful.leadership

    “Praful Aap Gents hi nahi Intelligents Bhi Ho!”

In a world like this where females have fought so hard to mark their presence in the society, it is very important to take notes from Hansa and be the most unapologetically version of you.