online business opportunities in Maharashtra

“The internet gave us access to everything, but it also gave everything access to us.” – James Veitch

India is a vast growing economy with large consumption of internet resources. But Maharashtra, among all its competing states, has the largest internet and broadband subscriber base in the country.

Not only this, during the pandemic, rural India saw a digital revolution where internet growth was seen to be 45%, which is a new high we reached. Maharashtra is the second-most populous state in India with a demographic dividend that not only allows us to boost the internet-related opportunity but also gives us greater scope for innovation and creativity.

Over the last year, we have seen a great surge in internet-based businesses be it online food marketing, telemedicine, etc. Here are the eight trends that are driving online business opportunities in Maharashtra.

8 Trends Driving Online Business Opportunities in Maharashtra

  • ¬† ¬†Increased internet usage in rural and semi-urban areas of Maharashtra

With the greater use of the internet, people started experimenting with new dimensions like vlogging or marketing videos, which build toward success in online businesses. Blogging not only allows you to reach a large audience, with proven methods like AdSense, affiliate marketing, and paid advertising, one can even start earning good money.

  • Boom in the Use of Smart Devices

While we were quarantined due to COVID-19, our smartphones were the only way to stay connected to each other. But with time, people started making even better use of it, by starting smart-phone related businesses like mobile shops, product review websites, etc. This trend is set to grow now and in the next few years.

  • Greater Awareness About Health and Fitness

The pandemic forced us all to sit back, think over, and also thank our health, our bodies, and our minds. It created huge awareness among people about their physical and mental health and how they matter more, over everything materialistic.

Hence, it gave birth to new businesses like marketing and delivering organic products, or ‘How to make homemade kadha to boost immunity?’, ‘Which workouts are the best?’ etc. Also, a large number of online helplines were created by graduate students in Maharashtra to help people cope with depression and anxiety.

  • Digital Education Is Here to Stay

No matter what, education should not stop. This idea led to the development of various educational platforms providing online lectures and workshops like many teachers from rural backgrounds, fluent in Marathi enrolled themselves in Unacademy to provide lectures to all the students of Maharashtra. This not only gave rise to online teaching but also to developing other aspects like educational websites.

  • Offbeat Travel Is Set to Increase

Due to the COVID wave, people now prefer visiting places that give them a breather. Hence places with less crowd and more serenity are the new emerging trend, which is giving rise to travel companies for trekkers, bloggers, travel guides, etc.

  • eCommerce Industry Is Booming

Now, everything is bought and sold online. Even gifting is possible online. This has given rise to e-commerce industries and also rapidly increased the digitization of the whole of Maharashtra. Many retail shops began offering their services online to attract customers and ensure their safety. The dropshipping retail model is also seeing a boom.

  • Personalization and Custom Planning

Many of the weddings in the last year were advised to take place with only 50 people in them. This was not how every bride dreamed her wedding to be like. But, wedding planners and event managers swept in like a ‘genie’ (wish-granting people) and made the small wedding into one with large memories. Thus, a thumbs up to the planning industry!

  • Small-Scale Industry Is Booming

Last year, lockdown made us realize some of our talents we had long forgotten. From here rose the desire to do something one likes. And like they say “If you are good at something, never do it for free” led to many new businesses like baking, jewelry, Ayurvedic cosmetics, etc.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the internet is the best thing that happened to us and learning how to use it to make our lives better is the second best. In Maharashtra, every other person is doing something on the internet.

It could even be making memes for entertainment, writing articles for an agency, writing blogs, creating videos, making games, creating websites, applying new ideas. Before last year, How many knew Zoom? How many of us knew the importance of health and took it seriously? How many of us knew telemedicine?

Our needs drive us to create inventions. Our inventions thus create more needs!

There is a world of internet-based business opportunities in Maharashtra for those with a sharp eye. However, it is better to always opt for a certified course or have adequate knowledge of business management and entrepreneurship to dive into the online world if one wishes to stay and go ahead.

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