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Amar, 26, is an amateur photographer from Yavatmal. He’s been clicking photographs from a very young age, and the advent of the smartphone has only helped develop his photography skills. But now, he wants to learn professional photography course online to turn his passion into a profession. Accordingly, he has been searching for the best photography courses. However, most of them that he found are classroom photography courses in Pune and Mumbai.

Given the pandemic, classroom courses and staying in any of these cities are currently unaffordable for Amar. Hence, he prefers learning professional photography course online and start as a photographer in Yavatmal. He isn’t just searching only for courses, though, but several other aspects such as the cost of online photography courses, a photographer’s average income, qualifications to become a photographer, etc. Here are some answers to his questions.

What are the Skills Required to Become a Photographer?

Photography is a creative profession that involves leveraging technology to perfectly capture a particular moment on the lenses. Accordingly, photography demands the following hard and soft skills.
– Focus
– Patience
– Creativity
– Marketing skills
– Attention to detail
– Photography software skills and expertise
– Ability to handle different cameras
– Expertise in multiple types of photography
– Being active on social media and leveraging it to career benefit
– Updates about the latest trends and development in photography

What are the Qualifications Required to Become a Photographer?

Your passion for photography and the inherent talent to capture the right moments creatively are the most significant qualification. If you have these skills and a camera, you qualify to become a photographer.

However, if you want to become a professional photographer, you must have completed your HSC and obtain a diploma or a certificate course in photography. Pursuing these courses provides industry exposure, enables learning from experts, and handling the camera and photography equipment. They hone your photography talent and prepare you to take up professional assignments that require a higher degree of finesse.

If you are wondering whether you need a college degree to be a photographer, the answer is no. In photography, your creativity, the photos you click, and your ability to handle the camera determines your market value.

What are the Various Types of Online Photography courses?

Photography is a vast area of expertise. Moreover, the field of photography includes various specializations such as adventure photography, architectural photography, advertising photography, fashion photography, family photography, street photography, etc. Various online photography courses are available for each specialization. Nevertheless, mentioned below is a list of general online photography courses.

  • 3-Months Online Foundation Photography: The course deals with the fundamentals of photography, how to use the camera, introduction to lighting, how to maintain your camera, photography equipment, visual literacy, building a professional portfolio, etc.
  • Commercial Photography: The course involves learning to tackle filmmaking topics, use of CGI, animation, and training for individualized work for diverse companies ranging from advertising, editorial, to fashion photography. It also involves learning through experts and may include interaction with them.
  • Advanced Digital Photography: This online photography course includes a range of topics such as bracketing, flash photography, perspective, hyperfocal distance, focal length. Furthermore, it includes developing post-production skills through various software, including Photoshop.
  • Documentary Photography and Journalism: As the name suggests, this course is apt for budding photojournalists. It involves exposure to the work of some of the leading photojournalists and capturing the essence of a particular moment. The course teaches you to convey the meaning of a particular moment through a powerful photo.

How much do Online Photography Courses Cost?

Several aspiring or amateur photographers prefer online photography courses since they aren’t as expensive as the classroom ones. Although the cost of each of the online photography courses varies from institute to institute, and also the exposure involved, the cost ranges from as low as 4000 INR to as high as 25,000 INR. Again, 25,000 isn’t the limit. The more extensive and advanced the course, the more expensive it is.

Initially, it would be advisable to take up an online photography course that includes learning the essentials of photography that are good enough to help you start working as a professional photographer. With time, experience, and with some money on hand, you can take up more expensive courses involving advanced learning such as new software, a different type of photography, editing techniques, etc.

How much do Professional Photographers Earn?

The income of professional photographers varies significantly with experience, expertise, the type of photography, and the number of events they do every month.

For instance, an average wedding photographer earns somewhere around 15k to 20k for the entire 2-3 days of the wedding. But, an established photographer with an extensive portfolio, however, can earn about 80k to 1 lakh INR per event. On the other hand, fashion photographers make 50k to 2 lakhs INR per project. A salaried photographer makes an average of 3.5 lakhs INR per year.

However, while working as an independent photographer, you must also be aware of the investments involved, such as the camera, various types of lenses, other photography equipment, software license, post-production tasks, and costs, etc. You must keep these costs in mind while quoting your fee.

A Promising Career in Photography Awaits you!

Now that you know about some online photography courses and the fee range, you need not wait. This is the right moment to invest in learning and start your career in photography. So, learn, click, and create memories!