सीखें एक्सपर्ट DJs से DJing, छलांग के ऑनलाइन DJ कोर्स ( Online DJing Course )

Music is one such universal thing that connects people from anywhere and everywhere. There is a type of music for all our moods. When we are sad, we listen to music that soothes our soul, for our romantic moments, we have the best romantic melodies and then there are tracks that make us groove. While music composers play a great role in making songs with beats that are groovy, the Disc Jockeys add more flavor to it. Disc Jockey is a profession that has evolved recently and is gaining popularity. Disc Jockeys, who were initially limited to Discotheques are now a part of almost all functions and gatherings that take place. If you have been getting praises for your playlist from your friends and family, then you might be looking at a career as a Disc Jockey. Enroll today in the Online DJing Course!

Along with, good music taste, being a Disc Jockey also requires some technical skills too. These technical skills assist you in creating mixes efficiently plus help you in becoming a professional Disc Jockey. If you are looking forward to acquiring such skills, we might have just the right course for you.

Disc Jockey Course at the Chalaang!

The Chalaang Beginner’s Disc Jockey Online Course is meant to teach basic DJing abilities so that you may better comprehend the art of mixing. This course not only teaches you how to DJ, but it also teaches you how to become a successful DJ in this competitive industry. This training will give everything that it promises and more. This course will take you from having no knowledge about DJing to knowing everything there is to know about it. Our goal with Chalaang’s beginner’s Disc Jockey Online Course is to explain everything about DJing in the most simple, easy, and engaging way possible.

Chalaang’s beginner’s Disc Jockey Online Course is planned and prepared by top professionals and specialists in the DJing field, and it includes in-depth video lessons. The mentor’s video and live sessions will provide you with a full explanation of everything related to DJing, including equipment, techniques, and practical ideas from the mentors, such as how to conduct your own professional live performance. Go ahead and register online right now if you genuinely want to gain a head start in DJing and create a career in it.



  • Introduction to DJ
  • Music Theory
  • Music Genres
  • Consoles and Equipment
  • Beat Counting
  • Cueing
  • Beat Matching
  • Understanding BPM
  • Looping

About the Mentor

DJ Harmeet is the Mentor of the Disco Jockey Course at the Chalaang. He makes the public dance non-stop to his sounds. DJing has been a part of his life for over a half-century. He began learning to DJ in 2004 and perfected his skills by 2009. He also travelled to the United Kingdom in 2008 to finish his education, where he had the opportunity to help some well-known DJs and gain expertise in the global DJing scene. It’s been 17 years since he returned to India and started working in this industry. He also runs a DJ equipment company that specialises in sound and lighting systems, allowing him to provide complete DJing solutions.

He knows everything there is to know about DJing and is now ready to share it with you. Prepare to master the finer points of mixing from the best.

Before we go

Different kinds of passion attract different people. What matters the most is that you follow your passion and work hard to make it a profession. The Chalaang can help you in gaining the necessary skills that will help you kickstart your career as a Disc Jockey. Enroll today and make the most of it. Till then keep mixing!

Chalaang ke sath lagao apne Passion ko Pankh.