disc jockey industry of India

Ravi from Beed, situated in central Maharashtra, once attended a DJ event in Pune with his friend and was highly interested in the disc jockeying profession. He always had a flair for music but wanted to do something different and unconventional with it. Attending this party gave him direction, and thus, Ravi decided to become a full-time DJ.

Now, although Ravi knows he has to pursue online DJ courses to become a DJ, he doesn’t know how he can get hired in the ever-growing, evolving, and promising disc jockey industry of India. So, let us answer his question.

5 Things to do to get Hired as DJ

  1. Pursue a DJ Course

Disc jockeying isn’t just about spinning the turntable platter; but while doing so, it is also about creating a mix that makes the crowd go mad. In addition, the competition involved in disc jockeying requires formal education and learning various techniques such as beatmatching, cueing, tune structuring, etc., to enhance your music mixing skills.

So, one of the first things to work as a DJ is to pursue a DJ course. Fortunately, despite the challenges caused by factors such as the pandemic and lockdown, 21st century aspiring DJs have the option to pursue online DJ courses and develop the skills required to work as a professional DJ in the competitive disc jockeying profession of India.

  2. Develop Your Unique Style

Honestly, there exist several DJs out there, and hence, you prove yourself a value-addition to your clients and your profession only when you innovate a unique style of disc jockeying. It involves creating unique mixes, entertaining the audience with your DJing skills, and the talent that keeps the audience engaged with your music, and therefore with the event. So yes, never limit yourself to learning techniques but walk the extra mile through creating a unique proposition as a DJ, so that event organizers find a solid reason to hire you as a DJ for their event.

  3. Create a Strong and Engaging DJ Profile

Creating a DJ profile is essential to start a career as a DJ. However, many a time, since it is your DJ profile that reaches prospects before you do, you must create a DJ profile that’s strong enough and engages the event organizers.

A DJ bio would generally include your DJ name, an eye-catching headline, a short introduction, and biography. Further, it must consist of technical information such as your musical background, how did you step into disc jockeying, your influences, music genres in which you specialize, events wherein you’ve worked as a DJ (if any), accomplishments as a DJ, what makes you a unique DJ, etc.

However, ensure that the profile is well-written in simple and grammatically correct English. Also, as stated earlier, make it engaging enough for the organizers or the recruiters to shortlist you, and call you for an interview.

  4. Promote Yourself as a DJ

Disc jockeying is an entirely different world, and hiring might not necessarily and always be as conventional as with other regular jobs or positions. Instead, disc jockeying is a creative occupation with extensive competition around. So, along with your skills, it is the way you promote yourself as a DJ that matters more to help you get noticed by organizers who might be looking for someone like you.

Some of the promotional techniques include creating a YouTube channel to showcase your disc jockeying skills, putting up music mixing videos on social media, talking about yourself as a DJ at relevant events, and continuing to build an extensive network to increase your outreach and tap the various opportunities to work as a DJ.

In simple words, let as many people as possible know that you are a DJ. Further, if it is financially feasible, leverage digital marketing to promote yourself as a DJ.

  5. Stay Consistent with Your Efforts

Remain consistent with your efforts, no matter whether you are new as a DJ or you’ve achieved fame and recognition as one. As a new DJ, keep promoting yourself, and do not get discouraged with rejections. Additionally, remember that competition does not refer to the end of the road or saturation. Instead, take it as an opportunity to do better than others and prove your caliber as a DJ.

Further, when you become popular as a DJ, do not let success make you complacent. Keep innovating and evolving. These are the keys to continue growing as a DJ and achieve even more success.

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