how much time it take to learn DJ

Aakash, 27, from Latur, is employed with a local firm. He is interested in music and wants to become a DJ. He wants to pursue online DJ courses but doesn’t know how long it takes to learn to DJ.

His existing professional responsibilities require him to stretch his working hours almost every day, and beyond a point, it won’t be possible for him to manage to learn and work at a time. Besides, he wants to start earning as a DJ as soon as possible and maintain the existing income levels to support his family.

Accordingly, he wants to know how long it will take for him to learn DJing and how early can he establish his career as a DJ. Let us see if he got answers to his questions.

Classroom DJ Courses and Duration

Before we proceed to know the time required to learn DJing, we will take a look at the course content of some of the classroom DJ courses. Knowing what you will learn from a particular DJ course will help you prepare for it better. Nevertheless, you must remember that the course content of DJ courses may vary from institute to institute. Additionally, some courses focus on learning a particular DJing software or tool.

–  Basic DJ Course: Introduction to DJing, Music Genres, Cueing, Introduction to DJing Equipment, Tune Structure, Beatmatching, BPM, Bar Matching, Chop Mixing, Troubleshooting, Loops, etc.

–  Pro DJ Course: Hot Cues, Tricks/ Sampling, Scratching/ VDJing, Making Sets, Practical Experience at Parties, Profile Building, Personality Development, Booking Yourself, Career Guidance, etc.

–  Ableton Course: Ableton Introduction and Setup, Creating DJ Templates, Use of Controllers, Warping Audio Files, Session & Arrangement Views, Push, Warping an Entire Track, Working with Templates, Effects and Processing, Mash-Ups and Remixing, Recording your Mix, and Performing a Live Set.

Each of the above courses is of different duration. The course duration depends significantly on the content included, the number of hours each session and the number of days of training every week.

For instance, the duration of the basic DJ course is around 40 hours, with each session lasting 90 minutes. On the other hand, the pro DJ, or an advanced course takes around 70 hours to complete with 90-minute session each. Further, the specialized Ableton course involves a month of Ableton training, with two days of learning every week. So, it translates to roughly 8-10 training sessions of DJing.

Online DJ Courses and Duration

Currently, since classrooms remain closed, the only option you have is to learn DJing online. So, let us look at the general topics covered through most of the online DJ courses and the time it takes to complete them. The course content is quite similar to the ground courses. The only difference here is that the subjects are taught online.

Online DJ Course:

Cueing Techniques, Beatmatching, Tune Structure, Introduction to Different Genres of Music, Counting Beats, Bars and Phrases, EQ Settings, Mixing Different Styles of Music, Introduction to DJ Equipment, First Live Set Recording, Self-Promotion as a DJ, Preparing for Professional Gigs, etc.

An online DJ course takes around 12-15 hours to complete, if every session longs for around an hour or so.  However, some courses depending on the sessions, their duration, course content, and add-ons, along with the depth of learning may also take around three months to complete.

How Long does it Take to Establish Yourself as a DJ?

The time taken to establish yourself as a DJ significantly depends on how actively you promote yourself, whether you DJ full-time or part-time and subsequently, the number of events you do, along with the success you achieve across each one of them.  Considering the initial struggle that may last for around six months to a year, it may take around a year to two for you to establish yourself as a DJ.

Nevertheless, you must remember that the above duration is approximate and average. You cannot predict the time that you may take to make a mark in the DJing profession. Some DJs, with contacts built much before they begin DJing, may take as less as three to four months to establish themselves. While many, on the other hand, may take as long as a couple of years or beyond to get lucrative assignments and become famous as a DJ.

Nonetheless, you must work positively and keep learning. With your efforts in the right direction, ability to evolve with time and technology, and aggressive promotion and marketing through the proper channels can help you establish yourself as a DJ in a relatively lesser time. So, regardless of whether you are from a tier 2 or a tier 3 city and occupied with responsibilities, you can learn to DJ through online DJ courses and prepare for success as a DJ.

It will undoubtedly demand a lot of hard work. But, if you love DJing, and especially since prospects as a DJ are bright in the years to come, it is worth investing time and money into it.