advice from professional DJs

DJing is a very popular emerging profession amongst the youth. In order to become a successful DJ, besides hard work, you need talent, good taste, dedication, and passion for music.

This field is full of new opportunities, but it also requires constant effort and training from professional DJs. So, let’s hear what advice professional DJs give you to enhance and develop your DJing skills.

7 Tips from Professional DJs to Enhance Your DJing Skills:

  • Always Record Your Mixes

Recording your mixes will help you to rectify your mistakes and correct them. You can send it to others and take their opinions as well. Recording helps you to have copyright over your mixes and helps from any malpractice or misuse.

  • Practice Every Day

Practice makes a man perfect. To play better sets in the practice session is the ultimate goal. Paying attention to EQing during the transitions and playing set one after another is a good practice. If you get stuck at a point, you can rewind and try again.

  • Be Flexible in Your Playlist

Everyone has their own taste in music. The industry has different genres and different beats, so keep yourself updated on various types and choices that are evolving in the industry. The same song doesn’t rule the industry, so transitions and changes are necessary. A DJ must be flexible with his playlist and must have a working knowledge of every type of genre.

  • Share Your Mixes and Get Feedback From Peers

Social media is a great platform for getting healthy and honest opinions. Feedback is the most powerful tool for improvement. Sometimes, a third person’s opinion helps in deciding the best.

Upload your mixes on social media and let your audience give you critical feedback to decide the best. This will not only help you build a fan base at the beginning, but it will also help you to get true feedback and a better sense of achievement.

  • Listen to Other DJs

Listening is a powerful tool. While listening to senior DJs, take note of every small detail and mixes. Listen to every minute detail about how they play, their choice of tunes, and the duration of their mixes.

Pay attention to whether they play smoothly or mess up, how often do they change their styles, and the way they engage the crowd. Also, observe, whether they stand silently or jump while playing. This will help you to analyze your choices and become better and different from the rest.

  • Know Your Audience

The audience is the final judge. As a DJ, it’s very important to understand the crowd, analyze their reaction and note what they love. Are they loving the particular mixes? Are they hooting for any remix? See what is the effect of particular mixes and evolve from there to create music that your crowd will love. As your crowd changes from night to night and event to event, be on your toes to create mixes on the fly.

  • Plan in Threes

Planning in threes means mixing three records that go well together. This method of organizing music for DJ performance is considered to be very effective. So, when planning a set, find three records that mix well together at a time, which can all be played together at once, or there can be transitions into one another.

Today, the number of gigs has increased but so has the competition. So, aspiring DJs need to ensure that they follow these expert tips to become better and successful. Keeping yourself updated and knowing trends is the most important task to stand out in a crowd.

Creativity is an essential aspect for a DJ to be outstanding in this field. Your music defines you and your fans promote you. And the right choices and mixes will help you grow in this field.

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