opportunities for DJs in small cities in India

The career of a DJ was considered a Western concept, unsuitable to make a living, but with the change in the taste of the music of the Indian public, DJs are in high demand. There has also been a significant change in the career-choosing patterns of students. Traditionally, students would opt for typical jobs to get settled, but that too has changed. Students are now choosing the fields they are passionate about, and DJing is one of them. There are numerous DJing opportunities in small cities emerging.

In a country like ours, there is no dearth of festivals and occasions, and of course, we need music to dance to! That’s where a DJ plays an important part, especially as a beginner. Many DJs who are currently popular in the country have at some point played for events and occasions before producing and composing their own music. If you want to pursue a career in the field, you first need to research its scope in your own region.

There are two types of DJing you can opt for – Radio DJ and Live Audience.

  • As the name suggests, a Radio DJ is someone who works at a radio station as a mixer. Mixing tracks and playing them on the radio network for the audience is the main objective of a radio DJ. Since you will be working for a radio station, your audience will expect all the newest additions and hits to be played. So, your genre of mixing will mostly be limited to the current hits.
  • DJs who play in front of a Live Audience are different from Radio DJs. This requires you to mainly build up an atmosphere according to the theme of the event and play relevant tracks. This can range from music festivals, celebratory occasions, parties, fitness programs, and pubs. Usually, you will have to play other artists’ music during your set.

Opportunities for DJing in Small Cities

Becoming a DJ will require you to work on a freelance and contractual basis with your clients. There are plenty of DJing opportunities in small cities for aspirants in the field to make it big. However, smaller cities are more skeptical about experimenting, people in towns and smaller cities prefer a different type of music. As a DJ, you have to ensure that you are able to cater to the taste of music demanded by your clients in these places. Here, we have listed out a few opportunities for DJs, especially in small cities.

  • Festivals

India is the land of festivals, and each festival is celebrated with unique pomp and vigor. Even though the music requirements might be different, currently, DJs are in high demand during popular festivals. People in smaller cities also have started hosting Holi bashes, where while dancing to good music has become an essential part of the celebration.

During Navratri as well, there is a high demand for DJs since popular pandals and events require DJs to play Garbha hits entwined with dance numbers. Another popular occasion is New Year’s when the demand for DJs is at an all-time high. These events are usually very well-paying; moreover, these are short-time gigs.

  • Wedding and Marriage Ceremonies

DJs have become a popular choice for wedding receptions and sangeet ceremonies. This gives a modern celebratory touch to traditional events, and with updates in technology, the typical banjos and bands have been replaced by DJs as the top wedding music choice.

You may not be able to play your own music at such ceremonies since they require you to play selective and particular wedding tracks that reflect the spirit of the occasion. The bigger or longer the ceremony is, the more you can charge, as DJs are available at these events on an hourly basis.

  • Music Festivals

Many music companies have started hosting music festivals and concerts that last for entire weekends. For events like these, there is generally a section where local bands and artists are given a platform to showcase their own music for the crowd, before the main event. Playing at such an event can be a good source of exposure and can provide opportunities to get gigs and contracts.

Most DJs are self-taught, initially, and thus you too must possess the inherent qualities that make a good DJ. You should have an ear for music, possess a basic knowledge about different types of tracks that fit well together, and must know how to mix tracks flawlessly. DJs are highly energetic, outgoing, and social people, so you need to develop a pleasant and charming personality.

Music is constantly evolving and updating since the popularity of the internet. It is important to keep yourself updated about the newest trends. Since there is no particular formula in terms of what will become popular, it is necessary to always keep experimenting in this field.