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Receiving positive feedback and getting noticed at corporate events are critical for every DJ because these events could prove to be a gateway to even more lucrative corporate DJing contracts leading to even more fame and recognition in the corporate world. However, if you want to become a successful corporate DJ, you must know these dos and don’ts of corporate DJing.

Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Disc Jockeying

Let us look at the dos first, and then look at things to avoid during corporate DJing.

Dos of Corporate DJing

  1. Stay Flexible with your Playlist
    You may spend hours finalizing your playlist. However, you must stay flexible enough to accommodate requests that come in during the event, enhance the mood of the crowd, and to make the corporate party even more vibrant and musically colorful. Transitioning between tracks and style of music is crucial and it must seem natural; however, you must focus more on the music and its diversity and vibrance. Remember, people will be more concerned about music than your transitioning skills.
  1. Read the Crowd
    Being able to read the crowd is a unique DJing skill. But then, why is it necessary to develop this skill? While playing music for a large group, you will encounter some complaining about the songs you play, how you change tracks, etc. However, you must remember that this is an essential part of DJing, and you aren’t here to satisfy every individual’s music needs. As long as the crowd is enjoying your music, everything is fine.
  1. Create Scope for Breaks
    It isn’t practically possible for any DJ to spin music for hours. Nature calls, thirst, etc., are inevitable, and for which, you must create adequate scope. Using a mini-mix proves helpful here. You must pre-prepare mini-sets of a few tunes so that you can step away from your console for a few minutes occasionally and energize yourself.
  1. Create an Element of Surprise
    At a corporate event, people will look up to you as an entertainer and not just a DJ. Accordingly, no matter how great your playlist is, you must always keep an element of surprise to refresh and energize the crowd. You must make sure to bring in that surprise tune when people least expect it. Remember, it is all about entertaining people with music, and such surprise elements, when executed correctly, can make the difference!

Don’ts of Corporate DJing

  1. Don’t DJ with a Casual Attitude!
    While DJing for a corporate event, an excessively casual approach may affect your reputation. So, no matter how great you are at playing music, maintain professional conduct at all times. Wear professional clothes, arrive on time, carry the necessary equipment, and talk respectfully. You never know someone may be watching you and planning to refer you to a bigger project!
  1. Don’t Agree to Work on Excessively Low Prices
    Corporates have an annual entertainment budget, and most of them are ready to pay for quality work. DJing is a creative profession, and you put in a lot of hard work before and during DJing. Agreeing to work at excessively low prices refers to disrespecting your profession and skills. So, don’t fail to negotiate. Ensure that you get value for your hard work and time, and in turn, you deliver value for the money your corporate clients pay you.
  1. Don’t Indulge in Bad Habits
    Corporate DJing is likely to be stressful. Yes. You get paid well for your time and skills, but then, it involves a lot of hard work and dedication to ensure everything goes well throughout. Additionally, corporate DJing also requires you to be physically fit. So, don’t indulge in bad habits like excessive drinking and/ or smoking. Also, don’t let your personal issues affect your DJing commitments or skills.
  1. Don’t Forget to Market your Skills
    Marketing during corporate DJing can help you bag higher-paying corporate projects. DJing is a business. So, don’t play cautiously, carry your visiting cards, and don’t miss any marketing opportunity.

Make the Most out of Corporate DJing Opportunities!

Corporate DJing is not just a remunerative opportunity, it adds weight to our portfolio and contributes to your reputation as a DJ. So, when you are offered to DJ at a corporate event, make the most out of it, and get noticed! Hope the above corporate DJing dos and don’ts help you.