DJ console tips

In India, DJing is emerging as a very dynamic career option, not only in terms of how widely DJs are loved and appreciated but also in terms of a good career that brings good money with a certain time and consistency in this field.

But when you are just starting out, there are some DJing do’s and don’ts you should know.

8 Tips for Beginners: Using a DJ Console

  • Do – Learn How to MIX Tracks Properly

Do you need to be a composer to be a DJ or mix properly? No. But you do need to have an ear for symmetries, melodies, complementary and sonic characters that are symbiotic, that is all the tracks used should benefit and work together to create one single beautiful piece of art.

You need to know your music and what works best with the other. Mixing is usually done on the dance floor or live performances wherein the DJ figures out the current mood of the audience which songs would fit in better.

Three steps that can help you with this better are – Practice, Practice, and some more practice.

  • Do – Master Every Function on Your Console

‘Console is to a DJ, what a cape is to Superman.’ He cannot fly without his cape. And well if he doesn’t know how to carry that cape, he may not be able to fly. Similarly, a console is a tool that a DJ uses to mix his songs in lay terms. There are various functions on the Console for example an EQ that helps in changing the frequency curve of a sound.

More functions include mixer controls, inserts, gain, channel fader, Pan, etc. Taking a professional DJing course can help you understand the terminologies and technologies involved better.

  • Do – Look For Ways to Fine Tune Your DJ Console Every Day

If you listen to your record or music and you don’t feel like dancing up to it or grooving to it, you might want to keep working on its effectiveness.

Once a song is made, it is probably mixed and mastered by an audio engineer whose job is to optimize the sound on as many devices as possible. One is not sure if you will be listening to this through a loudspeaker or earphones, so they distribute a big net to neutralize for most situations.

Now, this is the concept of EQ. Only a person who has learned or practiced ways of fine-tuning his DJ console has a chance of shining at a lively party with his expertise.

  • Do – Record Your Mixes

It is possible that as a DJ you cannot be present everywhere but your music can be. Also as a beginner, it is important to keep a check on what you learn, what mistakes you correct, and so on.

Recording your mixes is very important as your music can reach people even before you and the whole point, in the end, is creating your own identity but with the help of music.

  • Don’t – Confine Mixes to Yourself

As a beginner, not all your mixes might be good. And that is okay. But you will never know if you are good or bad at something without letting the world know.

Also, these records might help you collaborate with an already existing DJ, or a club looking for new DJ talent, or even a wedding groom looking for a DJ that can create music like you. Always take those odds.

  • Don’t – Rely On Hardware to Sync Your Tracks

The sync button is not a bad option. It helps a DJ when it comes to mixing two songs by tuning them well together. But in the end, it is a machine. And for a DJ who loves taking that control into his own hands and creating something beautiful out of it, he might be reluctant to use it.

For many DJs, their take on the sync button is not completely negative. But sometimes it might work as well as you would want it to and hence a DJ must know how to keep that party going! Therefore, keep all the hardware as your options, not solutions.

  • Don’t – Play With Tricks and Effects to Make Your Set Sound Better

Don’t overdo anything. Some use of effects and tricks can be good but a DJ needs to focus more on mixing those songs to combine them into magic. The word effect itself means something that is used to enhance. It is not a part of that element.

Just as how we add dhaniya to many dishes we eat, but we don’t overdo it, because it’s there for the effect, focus on making the music more engaging.

  • Don’t – Ignore the Maintenance Tips and Guidelines That Come With Your Kit

Your DJ console and your whole DJing kit are like your lifelines. You need to take good care of your equipment and protect it. Follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines that you receive along with your kit to ensure that your equipment stays shipshape all the time!

DJing is a diverse field that needs a lot of perseverance, consistency, and improvement on part of the DJ. It is inventing and recreating something new every day.

Enrolling yourself in a DJing course on reputed online platforms like Chalaang helps you with the technicalities, gives you that guidance and motivation, and most importantly you get to interact with seniors already from the field. Visit our courses list today to see which fits your requirements!