DJ console for beginners

A DJ console is a DJ’s little space of magic. It is a place where he mixes his songs, fine tunes them, gives effect to the song, creates something new, and keeps entertaining the audience. But before you begin learn how to find the best DJ console for beginners.

For any beginner, selecting the right DJ console for him/her is like students selecting a career path after 12th class. It’s important and equally confusing. And even though you do have a certain idea of what you will like, you need guidance to choose your field.

Same way, choosing a DJ console for beginners needs a lot of thinking, planning, and guidance. But don’t you worry, here are a few tips that will help you kick start your choices.

How To Choose The Best DJ Console for Beginners

  • Fix Your Budget

A good basic DJ console starts with Rs 10,000, with the supreme ones costing more than lakhs. Considering that you are a beginner, it is obvious that you will have limited funds to invest. Hence, fixing your budget not just gives you an idea of how much you can spend on the console, it also helps you understand what is important for your DJing style that will be covered in that budget.

No matter which console you choose and of what budget, it should still have 2 channels, a decent EQ section, and jog wheels. This will help you in your initial experimenting with DJing.

  • Look For Popular DJ Apps and Check the Compatibility of the Controller With Those

Selecting your DJ software is the next most important thing you will be doing because not every piece of software goes with every controller. Newer DJ controllers require software that does directly affects your enjoyment of mixing as well as playing that mix.

Instead of going for introductory software, it is always wise to purchase a full version of the software even if it costs a little extra as it is an essential part of your set.

  • Identify for Your Control Preferences

Identifying your control choices includes knowing what you are good at or want to be good at and going ahead with it. Let’s say you do want to incorporate scratching; for this, your setup needs to have solid jog wheels as small jog wheels will make it hard for you to mix. If you are more into extended and intricate mixes then instead of focusing on jog wheels, your focus should be on creative tools that help you create a seamless blend.

For example, a good range of FX options and full 3-band EQ. Identify what you want to do on the controller before buying the controller. That will help.

  • Consider if You Need Built-in Audio Inputs

If you feel that your sound quality will not be affected by a computer or laptop and you don’t need built-in audio inputs is fine. But having a sound card within the controller will let you send the music directly to the sound system and it can also help if you go ahead with a DJ console with a good inbuilt audio input. It depends on you but makes sure to check in the pros and cons before arriving at a choice.

  • Pick the Right Size

An extremely significant concern is portability because as a DJ carrying a load you don’t need can be stressful. Also depending on the type of DJing, it is equally important to know the right size of your console – if you are a home DJ, you cannot start with a massive mixer, if you are a mobile DJ, you cannot carry a setup of a huge nightclub like DJ booth and if you are a DJ at a huge club, you cannot go with a small console.

Hence, knowing what you want to do and how you want to take it ahead matters.

  • Choose a Strong Build Quality

This is a general aspect we all consider even if we are buying a table, a chair or even a car. Then why should one not consider it while buying a DJ console that is going to go places with you!

Even though for beginner controls, most of the build will be plastic, you can always check for better quality available from all the choices you have. A DJ console sometimes has to deal with a lot of impacts while playing, depending on what type of a gig it is. Choose accordingly.

  • Don’t Go Just for Looks

Some DJ consoles can be really attractive but of no use to you if you need different control inputs. Yes, a good console with a strong build, necessary functions, portable, easy to use, and is presentable matters. But going with just the looks won’t help in the long run. It’s how well and symbiotically you and your console perform and work.

Even above all this, there still will be a lot of doubts any beginner will go through. But, these doubts are good. They will lead you to a DJ console that suits you.

Keeping yourself updated, well-read, researching your part, and questioning in online forums will always help. Other than this, you can always enroll in a professional DJing course, like the ones offered by Chalaang, which will guide you through all the basics so that you can reach a sound decision of which DJ console it is going to be.