From Passion to Profession: How to Start a DJ Business


It feels so overwhelming when you bravely decide to pursue your hobby as a full-time career. From being a music lover to a rocking and cool DJ, we’ve covered all important aspects of How to start a DJ business in this blog. 


How to start a DJ business - Chalaang


Disc jockeys or music enthusiasts have the power to make everybody dance, enjoy and entertain with the rhythms of the music created by them. Sounds so exciting and thrilling? Are you also looking to kickstart the journey of your DJ Career? This blog will resolve all your queries about How to Start a DJ Business. A career as a DJ has so many opportunities to grow and learn. It's not only about music, clubbing, or parties; it is much more than that. 

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What Equipment Do I Need to Start a DJ Business? The Complete Guide


What Equipment Do I Need to Start a DJ Business


To set up your business as a DJ, you must properly set up instruments and equipment to work easily and smoothly. The main motive behind selecting proper and efficient instruments is producing quality sound. 


1. Input Devices 

A DJ’s almirah has 2 major input devices- CD decks and Turntables. Input devices allow you to mix tunes and create mashups without pausing in music. Vinyl turntables give a classic and authentic music sound, whereas CD decks are comparatively cheaper than other options. 


2. Mixers

The next essential part of the DJ setup is the Mixer which allows the DJ to mix different audio and add effects and transitions to the music.  


3. Headphones

DJs seem so cool while wearing those big earphones and playing music. These high-quality headphones are a major accessory for a DJ, which lets them listen to music and mix the tunes precisely. The three things you need to keep in mind when shopping for headphones are good isolation, rotating ear cups, and accuracy on the low end. 


4. Monitor

For a DJ in the initial phase of their career, it is advised to use Monitor speakers. You can hear your remixes accurately. Secondly, there is one more option of the bookshelf or computer speakers that produces enjoyable sounds.


5. Controller  

Controllers imitate turntables and mixers. DJ software can be easily controlled with them. Control components include knobs, encoders, jog wheels, faders, backlit buttons, and touch strips so you can mix your music.


6. Software

The software that DJs use lets them organize their music for future performances. 


What do you need to start a DJ business? - The must-have skills


What do you need to start a DJ business - Chalaang


DJ is a very creative profession. To establish yourself as a  successful DJ, you should master the following skills- 


1. Social skills 

DJs are very enthusiastic and extroverted-type persons who are continuously in touch with different professions and types of people like event managers, audiences, other artists and many more. They should have good communication skills and personality to engage positively with their audiences. 


2. Creativity skills

The DJ's creativity lets them think of something unique and out of the box so that they can create music that attracts and entertains their audience. 


3. Technical skills

DJs work with different hardware and software that help them create and play music. Therefore they should be well aware of the technical skills that help them manage these devices and deliver their best. 


4. Keen towards detailing

It is an essential skill for DJs to monitor a large number of details simultaneously, even those that appear insignificant.


Behind the Decks: Is the DJ Business Profitable?


is DJ business profitable - Chalaang


Yes. DJ business is profitable. Choosing a career out of the field may be fearsome. You may doubt whether this will give you stability in life. Especially explaining to your parents to allow you to get into a field that is out of the box can be challenging. 

In India, you can expect your starting salary from around 3.0 LPA when pursuing your career as a DJ. This figure can vary based on factors like your city and venue. Secondly, once you are skilled in this field, then no one can pull you behind to reach the heights of success, fame and wealth. 


Building Your DJ Business: How much does it cost to start a DJ business?


How much does it cost to start a DJ business - Chalaang


The initial investment to start your DJ business will require a minimum capital of 1,00000 INR. Your investment completely depends on your skills and proficiency. Suppose you are at the Small level; you can start from 1,00,000 INR to 2,00,000 INR. At the same time, if you are starting your career at an average or advanced level, you can invest from 2,00,000 INR up to 5,00,000 INR. 

The more you invest, the more advanced equipment you can set up in your business that will help you grow and earn more because of the quality services you’ll provide to your audience.



Cutting Through the Confusion: Does a DJ Need a business license?


Does a DJ Need a business license - Chalaang


For small shows, the DJ music license is optional. The venue often handles ASCAP, SESAC, and BMI licensing, which cover the necessary copyright and performance fees. However, you'll likely need to pay for your DJ license if you plan to perform at public gatherings. The standard small business licensing you'll need to operate, such as a municipal business permit and state registration, is in addition to this public performance license. Also, remember that, in terms of licensing, you must buy your music legally if you run a business. Thus, no free downloads are available.



Starting your career as a DJ doesn't cost you very much. It is completely based on your skills and how you learn, perceive and practice them. Enroll in the Disc Jockey Business course by Chalaang and learn all the essential skills you need to pursue and establish your business in this field. 


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