The Power of Mentorship in Entrepreneurship


A very famous quote by Shawn Hitchcock says, “A Mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained”.

The Power of Mentorship in Entrepreneurship


Who is a Mentor and What is Mentorship?


Who is a Mentor and What is Mentorship?


The Path of Entrepreneurship is not an easy one. As a growing Entrepreneur, you learn at every stage and in every aspect. You go through hundreds of hurdles, and your path is never a smooth one. This is the time when a Mentor raises you up and doesn't let you give up nearly when you are about to reach your aim. 


A Mentor is a guardian angel for an Entrepreneur who supports, guides and gives fruitful advice to them when they are in need.  A true mentor is not only a successful Entrepreneur or businessman but more than that. 


Mentorship builds a strong foundation of knowledge about business and skills in a person. Entrepreneurs who completely rely on the strategies and skills to grow their business achieve success from true Mentors and their guidance.


Mentorship in Entrepreneurship


Mentorship in Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is a beautiful journey of growth, failure, learning, and developing oneself. Often walking through the lane of Entrepreneurship, you may feel alone and look up for that ray of guidance from an aspiring leader who will take you closer to your goals and aims. As mentorship is an effective method of promoting entrepreneurship, it is highly regarded as a highly beneficial practice.


Studies and research show that business founders who worked under the guidance of well-established and top-performing Entrepreneurs are more likely to excel in their ventures.  The success stories of Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook and Google’s CEO and President Larry Page and Sergey Brin narrate the tales of the importance and impact of Mentorship in the initial time of their business. 


What is the importance of mentorship in entrepreneurship?


What is the importance of mentorship in entrepreneurship?


1. The mentor helps you to upgrade your skills and knowledge

Business is all about progressing and upgrading yourself with the new skills that help your business to stay sustainable in the market. A mentor holds your hands and paves the way to learn all the necessary skills you need to develop and improve yourself.


2. Mentors suggest appropriate Investment Tips 

Angel investors or venture capitalists are those organizations that provide funds to startups. Mentors are those experienced professionals in the industry who can get in touch with these organizations and present them with the idea and potential of your startup so that they take positive action to provide you with funding.


3. Unbiased opinions are provided by mentors

Establishing a business is like cooking a dish, it is not something that is just directly served into your plate. Mentors are like the chef, who taste the dish, and rather than appraising your cooked meal, they advise you on the right cooking tips and tell you the correct measurements of the ingredients.


4. Mentors provide you the knowledge of the diverse market and resources

During the early stage of your business, unless you are able to invest thousands of dollars in a market research department, it is hard to gain access to market trends and audiences. Mentors are experienced and professional experts who not only have knowledge about market insights and resources but also help you to grow your business in accordance with these trends.


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How a Mentor Can Help You Navigate Entrepreneurship?


How a Mentor Can Help You Navigate Entrepreneurship


The right roadmap for Entrepreneurs to reach their destination successfully is led by Mentors. Success in this path is difficult but not impossible. Business mentors help you to look at the possibilities beyond and assist them in taking the right decisions during harsh situations in your business. Mentors ensure a safe and smooth drive for Entrepreneurs to reach their destination successfully. Just remember a true mentor is a compass that leads you in the right direction when you are stuck in a dense forest. 


We’ve enlisted some key features, that how a mentor can help entrepreneurs-

1. Mentors help you in setting your goals and establishing what you’ve aimed for. They assist you in planning your career as an Entrepreneur. 

2. Mentors are experienced professionals in the industry and gradually they have a wide grown connection with people. They help you to grow your network too from the dignitaries. 

3. They help you to create an organized roadmap for your business. 


Build a successful career with Chalaang


Build a successful career with The Chalaang

Mentors lead you to the path of success for your new business and venture to run as smoothly as it can. They not only help you grow professionally but groom your personality too. 

Chalaang is the platform where our esteemed faculty digs out the gold from innovative minds and values their thoughts and skills. They not only lead them through a business plan but also helps them to take that “Chalaang” to achieve their dreams and goals. 



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