A Finance Lover, Watch These Masterpieces

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “finance”? Is it thrill, excitement, suspense, a lot of nail-biting moments, or does your imagination portray men with leather briefcases making secret deals? Well, it is a bit of both. The chances that one might think of the finance sector as a lifestyle filled with comfort and sophistication are way too high. While many people wish to associate with the stock market lifestyle, the associated risk and lack of necessary knowledge about the sector makes it unapproachable. The good news is that this sector contains a wide range of components such as tragedy, humor, inventiveness, disasters, and redemption, making it an excellent choice for a film. Using movies as an effective way to demonstrate these sometimes challenging concepts is both enjoyable and educational. Instead of picking up a book and attempting to deduce what the words mean, aspiring professionals and even the general public seeking education can watch these instructional films with compelling tales and excellent performances to receive a glimpse into the world of finance lover.

Below is a list of top 8 finance movies that is a must-watch for any finance lover:

Stock Market - Wall Street
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1. Wall Street (1987): Wall Street (1987) follows Bud Fox, a young stockbroker who gets involved with Gordon Gekko, an immoral stockbroker. Throughout the film, we see how insider trading thrives in the corporate atmosphere, as well as how corporate raiders become role models for young people.

Stock Market
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2. The Wolf of Wall Street: A Wall Street meltdown sends Jordan Belfort, who got his start as a stockbroker, hurtling down into the ditch. While his personal life falls apart, he joins forces with Donnie Azoff and cheats his way to the top.

Stock Market - The Big Bull
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3. The Big Bull (2021): The Big Bull, a 2021 Hindi-language financial thriller film pertains to a small-time stockbroker who takes advantage of loopholes in the country’s archaic banking system to engineer a dignified bull run in the stock market. 

Stock Market - The Big Short

4. The Big Short (2015): Using the title of the non-fiction book of the same name, The Big Short (2015) won an Oscar for best picture. Traders in the film become aware of the housing bubble before anyone else in 2007-2008, causing the financial crisis. 

Stock Market - Rogue Trader
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5. Rogue Trader (1999): A story about Nick Leeson, a trader who single-handedly brought Barings Bank, the world’s second-oldest merchant bank, to its knees. Leeson’s story is an entertaining film on its own, but it offers valuable lessons on risk management and financial supervision as well.

 Finance Lover, Watch These Masterpiece
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6. Margin Call (2011): The chief of a finance firm’s management division working on an important project gets fired. His apprentice tries to finish the analysis and discover the underlying cause of their financial woes.

Stock Market
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7. Trading Places (1983): Resulting from a bet, two ruthless rich brothers scheme to exchange the fortunes of a snooty investor and a cunning street con artist.

A Finance Lover, Watch The Masterpieces
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8. Boiler Room (2000): The Boiler Room is a film about a college dropout who obtains a job as a broker for an investing business and quickly rises through the ranks. On the other hand, success clouds his judgment and draws him into a world of corruption and greed.


Films like these are mandatory viewing for any aspiring stock market professional even if you are not considering a career in the stock market, since they can provide some insight into the bizarre and often absurd world of finance lover.

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