Myths About Graphic Design

Graphic design is a form of art. It has been evolving for a long time, and as more people venture into space, myths have grown up around it. It brings together the most creative minds, each with their own interpretation of what creativity and its development into a design entails. Non-designers, as well as graphic designers, are all members of the graphic design profession, and they all have some myths in their heads. Let’s have a look at some of myths about graphic design that are widely held.


  1. When it comes to graphic design, it’s all about coming up with completely unique ideas every time: Uniqueness is important but so is consistency. The whole idea behind graphic designing is to create designs that set you apart from your competitors. It is ideal that you create certain templates that you can use if you are going to create a series of designs.
  2. Graphic designers are born with an artistic bent: Many graphic designers do have a naturally creative streak and a keen eye for design, which is why they are drawn to the business. That does not, however, imply that you must be a natural-born artist to create excellent designs. Graphic design, like any other ability, can be taught and learned.
  3. Charging less can get you more customers: As a graphic designer, you should always maintain a standard of design you can deliver. And then you should charge accordingly. There are some people looking for cheaper designs some brands focus on quality designs. They will be willing to pay you what you charge if your creative matches it.
  4. There are shortcuts in Graphic Designing: A graphic designer’s ability to create a likable design in less amount of time should never define what consideration he is going to receive. If a designer can create a design in less amount of time, it is because of the experience he has gained over time. There is no shortcut that they used. A graphic designer must always be compensated on the basis of his skills and output and not anything else.
  5. Knowing Canva doesn’t make you a Graphic Designer: The new designing software that has surfaced recently definitely helps in making designs easily. But that doesn’t make anyone a graphic designer. Graphic Designers put in their blood and sweat in learning professional different Graphic Designing Software and they should never be treated any less.
  6. Complex Designs are Creative Designs: An easy design never makes the client happy. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a complex design is the best for them. Graphic Designs are not just graphics. They have an inherent message that is supposed to understand by the audience. It is important that a design does that.
  7. Graphic Designs are time-bound: There is no set timeline for a particular type of design. The timeline for any graphic design is based on a designer’s visualization. Any corrections or changes to original files take time as it requires the Graphic Designer to shift from the original draft they created.
  8. Graphic design only uses still images: Nowadays, graphic designs are not just limited to still images. Animation and videos are becoming an important component of the graphic design arsenal as video continues to rise as one of the most powerful advertising platforms.



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