learn from the famous DJs

Today, the young generation has diverse aspirations and varied ambitions than they did a few years ago. With the opportunity to learn things online, there has been a significant change in the choice of career options that the youth have currently.

One of the most popular careers is that of a Disc Jockey or DJ. As a beginner in the field, or an aspiring DJ, you have a lot to learn from the famous DJs in India.

These DJs who are making catchy numbers that play on a loop on your phones were not always famous. They started from the bottom, worked hard, faced a number of rejections, and eventually succeeded. Like every other successful person, they too have had to face their share of troubles.

These are a few values you can learn from them and their incredibly persevering natures.

  1. Focus: These individuals, from a very young age, have been very focused on their goals. They knew their interests and they cultivated a habit of polishing them to eventually achieve mastery in the field. Aspiring electro-musicians must also be focused on their goal and work hard towards it. Only then it is possible to become what you aspire to be.For instance, take the example of DJ Nucleya. Udyan Sagar, more popularly known by his stage name Nucleya, is a highly popular DJ today, across the country and the world. In fact, he is one of the highest-paid DJs in India. His hit albums include Bass Rani and Raja Baja, and he has also received numerous awards. However, he was not an instant star.Prior to making a name for himself as Nucleya, he was the founder of a musical act ‘Bandish Projekt’, which featured a blend of elements of traditional Indian music mixed with electronica. He left the band a few years later and had to go through a phase of struggle before releasing his first album, titled ‘Koocha Monster’, in 2015.Throughout this journey, he did not give up or lose his focus towards creating great music.
  1. Passion: The DJ field is extremely competitive, and one requires a lot of passion to pursue a career in the field. Everyone who is successful in the field currently has always been passionate about music. They have withstood the test of all hardships and still continued to be passionate about making a career in it. Aspirants in the DJing field must also possess this kind of devotion towards the field of interest.
    Take the example of the Indian DJ duo Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi became a well-known name due to their ability to mix Indian sounds with EDM, thus creating magical music. They debuted with their first studio album in 2013; since then, they have kept creating remixes of famous songs by international artists. Their remixed version of Alan Walker’s hit track ‘Faded’ was praised internationally and gave them greater fame.Their passion for constant experimentation and mixing led them to creating hit mashups and adding a whole new dimension to DJing.
  1. Patience: Success doesn’t come easily even though you have put in a lot of effort. All successful DJs know this, and they also know that it takes consistent effort and work for success to eventually glance your way. Aspiring DJs should know that it is important to not give up after a few hurdles. Your patience and expertise will surely be rewarded.
    You must have heard of DJ Chetas, who became a household name in India due to his popular Bollywood mash-ups. He is one of the most well-known and in-demand DJs in the country. Chetas was born in a Marwadi household and had always been interested in music. He often went as a DJ to events.However, he had to briefly pause pursuing music to support his family business. But that was not the end of his DJing career. He patiently put in the hard work required to support his family and then eventually got back to DJing, reaching great height. He has also since worked as the official DJ for Kolkata Knight Riders.
  1. Optimism: One of the most important values to have in any career is optimism. A lot of music artists have seen major setbacks during the course of their careers. But they have always been optimistic about making it big. This kind of vision plays an important role in helping you reach new heights.
  1. Trust in yourself: Your career and success do not matter if you don’t have faith and trust in yourself. All of the top names in the DJ industry have been vocal about their good judgments and their faith in themselves, to create music that is good, and above all, different from the rest. Creating something off-beat and exceptional requires you to trust yourself. This also means, holding yourself accountable for the calls you make and standing by your decisions.

We all have heard of Ritviz, the creator of the famous ‘Udd Gaye’ number. Ritviz Srivastava, who goes by his first name was born to musician parents and started learning music at a very young age. With the increasing popularity of EDM in India, Ritviz’s music was a mix of EDM with classical notes.

His track ‘Udd Gaye’ became an instant hit, and he has never stopped creating music since. He trusted his gut feeling and went ahead to create his own brand of music that made him as popular as a musician, as he was a DJ. Today, his songs are all well-received by the audience and critics. Moreover, he has collaborated with several major artists like Nucleya and Divine to create original music!

The world of DJing offers a ton of opportunities if you develop these qualities and consistently follow your musical heart. Inculcating these values within yourself can help you bring you closer to success.