frequently asked questions related to DJing

Becoming a Disk Jockey, or a DJ, is a popular career option in India these days. Be it the elaborate big fat wedding or the typical baarat or festivals or even social events, a DJ is a must. DJs have always made entertained people by playing popular tunes everywhere and anywhere. However, many talented people don’t know how to pursue their dream of DJing. Have look at 10 FAQs about Disc Jockey Courses in India.

Today, we are going to take a look at some FAQs about Disc Jockey courses, so that you can find all the information you need to start your career as a DJ.

10 FAQs about Disc Jockey Courses in India

  • What Are the Different Types of DJ Courses in India?

We often hear radio jockeys telling us about unique music trends or playing music that lifts our mood. This quality caters to each one and everyone makes a successful DJ. Nevertheless, there are many different types of DJs –

  • Radio DJs who work at local radio stations.
  • Club DJs who usually work at pubs or nightclubs or similar late-night parties.
  • Home DJs who are generally employed at a particular venue and control the music played on the dance floor and in the lounge.
  • Mobile DJs are those who carry their instruments and pieces of equipment to the venue. They need to own portable sound systems and are like entrepreneurs of this field.
  • Turntablists/ Performance DJs are famous artist DJs. People throng to see them play music, their artistry behind the disk

DJ courses in India offer training in all these different types, opening up different avenues of work for potential disc jockeys.

  • What Can I Learn From a DJ Course?

DJ courses give you extensive information on subjects like music theory, music/mix production, event management, music genre, marketing, and hands-on practice sessions of setting up consoles & equipment, beat matching, mixing, recording, Digital Djing, Scratch Djing and getting gigs.

These sessions are partly supervised/guided and partly independent. They also teach keeping cool in challenging times and guide or refer us to different opportunities. Every school has its unique syllabus and training module. You will need to check with the concerned school to see if it covers the skills you want to learn.

  • Which Is the Best Online Course for Becoming a DJ?

Some world-renowned institutes are offering online certificate courses like Pointblank Academy, London Sound Academy while in India, I Love Music Academy, Gurgaon, Electronic Academy, Delhi, Skratchlab DJ Academy, Chennai, Global D.J. Music Production & D.J. Training Academy, Mumbai.

Apart from these, there are several affordable online courses for DJing on educational platforms like Chalaang. These are trending with their effective techniques to guide the newbies online. You will need to pick and choose the best one for you after referring to their respective websites and contacting the concerned people.

  • Do I Need My DJ Equipment or Software While Enrolling in a DJ Course?

You can use a computer/laptop with modest online DJ software, a DJ controller for music sources and mixing, a pair of headphones for ‘cue’ monitoring, and speakers for the floor.

Some courses share free online software with their participants for a limited period. In any case, in-depth knowledge of trending music and music collection would add to your kitty.

  • What Is the Eligibility for DJ Courses in India?

DJing was earlier taken up by working professionals as a side business or part-time activity or a free time activity or passion for music. But slowly it has evolved and now you can opt for it as a full-time career.

There aren’t any particular educational qualifications required, anyone can do it be it a 12th pass out or a Mass Media graduate. A degree in journalism or communication would also be an added advantage. Passion for music is crucial too.

  • How Much Does a DJ Course Cost?

There are online and offline courses available with varied course costs. On average, some institutes offer between 40k – 60k. During the inquiry process, you can get more information about the course cost.

  • What Are the Job Opportunities After Completing a DJ Course?

This is a career where people go rags to riches and riches to rags in just one day. So play it safe and be true to yourself.

It is trending in India to book a DJ for birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, sports events, festivals – international, local, corporate events, or school/college events.

After completion of the course, a DJ can sign up with different brands, sell their merchandise, or even produce and create original pieces of music.

  • How Much Can I Earn After Completing a DJ Course?

Different work opportunities will pay you based on your experience or talent – working independently or freelancing pays you 15k – 40k, popular ones earn up to 5 lakh for one gig, hotels, clubs, discotheques, bars offer a full-time job with 40k to 70k pay.

You will have to work during odd hours starting with minimal paychecks and be honest with your work to be successful in this field. Paychecks might not be lucrative initially, and you may even have to work for free sometimes to show your talent.

But once people become aware of your talent and start loving your track mixes, then there’s no looking back.

  • What Is the Duration of a DJ Course?

Every school follows its curriculum hence the number, of course, hours will vary anything from 8 to 20 online session sessions. You will get more details when you register for a particular course.

  • Will I Receive a Certificate After Completing the DJ Course?

You will receive a course completion certificate from the school/academy if they have such a policy. Make sure that you check if the online course offers an authorized certificate as you will need it to book your initial gigs.

DJing is becoming a very popular career choice for people who love music and are ready to carve an offbeat path. An online education platform like Chalaang offers certified DJing courses that can make your journey easy and help you reach your goal of becoming a successful DJ faster!